Friday, March 13, 2009

Poster Shows!!!

Attended a panel discussion of some of Seattle's top poster artists at EMP (wednesday) and The Stranger's Poster of the Week opening (last night) at Vermillion.

Designers that spoke at EMP were:
Barry Ament, Coby Schultz
Ames Bros.

Don Clark, Ryan Clark
Invisible Creature, Tooth & Nail

Art Chantry
Art Chantry Design Co.

Jeff Kleinsmith
Patent Pending Industries, Sub Pop

Also got to see some of: American Letterpress: The Art of Hatch Show Print.

Have a couple of pictures to upload and add. I took a lot of notes and sketched, because that is what you do when you get a chance to list to such people talk about work, feeling inspired, motivated, and creative. I need attend more such lecture type events because it reminds me of being in school and that feeling like I can go out and do anything.

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